"Собака (Sobaka)" magazine about our Orchestra:

Russian cinematography Orchestra celebrates its first birthday. Receive greetings and talk about the upcoming concerts will feature the team leader, the author of unique arrangements Igor Ponomarenko and orchestra director Evgeny Shchegolev.
Journalists will have the opportunity to see a video creative achievements of the orchestra. New CD Cinématographe Russian Orchestra with music by Eduard Artemyev present CEO and producer Oleg Bomba-Piter Grabko...
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"Собака (Sobaka)" magazine about Igor Ponomarenko:
Until 2000 it was known as the musician of the famous "Terem -kvarteta", but wanted to change, he left the ensemble and organized his - "Ma.Gr.Ig.Al.". This change in the artist's life did not end there:
in Dubai, he made his debut as a conductor - presented its new project "Concordia" to the music of "Transformers" soundtrack with the participation of the State Hermitage Orchestra and dancers Julia Makhalina...
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"Вечерний Петербург (Vecherniy Peterburg)" newspaper about Igor Ponomarenko:
Musician, composer, conductor and expert on Italian cuisine and a lover of cats are not watching TV, and believes that there is nothing more beautiful than relaxing in the Russian village.
November 25 Russian Cinématographe Orchestra under Igor Ponomarenko control act in the Smolny Cathedral romantic program «The Love». The orchestra will perform music from the movies Edward Artemiev "Slave of Love", "The Odyssey," "The Barber of Siberia", "Burnt by the Sun", "At Home Among Strangers," "Doctor Zhivago." The concert program - St. Petersburg premiere of a new work by Edward Artemiev "Nutcracker"
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