Our basic Rider is designed for 34 people. The composition of the orchestra may vary depending on your requirements, in which case you need to contact us in any convenient way for you. Contact information is provided in the section of the website "Contact Us". We will send to your e-mail list of acceptable change the rider of our orchestra.

Basic Rider:

  • 31 pcs. consoles (lecterns) + 1 large conductor (orchestra this position can provide, if necessary)
  • 45 pcs. chairs + 1 bar for bass (if possible)
  • Guitar Combo (marshall at least 60 W + dibox)
  • Bass combo (ampeg not less than 200 W + dibox)
  • piano or with piano keys mechanics (if the key is a separate monitor with a separate line for artist REQUIRED) (key Orchestra can provide, if necessary)
  • 2 guitar stands (stands for guitar)
  • Drum kit 22-10-12-14 (class not lower SONOR 3005, TAMA superstar, PEARL masters custom, etc.), 4 rack "crane" (with integer felt and plastic sleeves), stand hi-hat stand a snare drum. (This band may provide position if necessary)
  • 2 radio microphones with stands for soloists.

In addition to orchestra monitors are desirable backache.
Separate lines are needed to monitor the drummer, keyboardist, guitarist. all other monitors can go in a straight line.
Microphone locations and their number is determined by the sound engineer at the discretion of the site for the upcoming concert.

Household Rider:

  • a separate dressing room for the conductor
  • a small dressing room for women (up to 5 people)
  • a large dressing room for men (up to 30 people).